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Our travelling agency is a home based in Pasig City, Philippines. Founded by travel oriented Karen Tañada-Reyes in 2011. It all started basically arranging her own trips, for her family and friends which eventually, she makes it full time as for her love to travel.

Skype’s Travel is not just your ordinary travelling agency. The company promise to give you a personalize service as the owner is very hands on to every details of your travel. With the help of our certified travel partners here and abroad, we will help you plan your adventure and we will guide you every step of the way.

As your trusted travel guide, we promise to give you your best vacation ever!


1. Airline Ticketing ( domestic and international )
2. Tour Packages ( small group, day tours, company and team building )
3. Visa and Passport Assistance
4. Hotel and Resort Accommodation
5. Cruise
6. Travel Insurance
7. Car and Bus Rentals
8. Travel Consultation




To satisfy our customer's travel needs and expectations

To build a good relationship with our travel partners

To be at our best service to our guests to provide them a great travel experience



To inspire other people to travel to see the beauty of the World.  



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